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Tom Crowther (Mercian) racing cycle club cut fastback model 531 Colnago style lugs

Tom Crowther (Mercian) racing cycle club cut fastback model 531 Colnago style lugs. This it the top model as built by Tom Crowther one of the founders of Mercian. all of the lugs have the clubs cut into them similar to Colnago and the fork crown top is deep cut and looks amazing. This is finished in red with white lining it is an unrestored original machine in amazing condition this and like the other one i have for sale have lead a very coveted life. Equipment is campagnolo brake calipers and unknown levers,campagnolo nuovo record rear mech,campagnolo seat pin,campagnolo gear lever,campagnolo pedalsstronlight 49d chainset campagnolo headset,wrights bars and stem hubs are large flange pelessier with 700c rims. size is 19 inches center to top seat tube and 20 inches center to center top tube all in all ana ideal for L’eroica japan, brittania or italy with just the right amout of patina on this rare machine £550 international shipping as always is available



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