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Paris Galibier Original Salesmans Sample

This is a unique piece of Paris /Rensch history.  An original salesman’s sample, used to market the famous Galibier frame.  This really is unique and in original un-restored condition.  It has some unusual and early prototype decals that were not carried over to the production models.

The size of the frame is 21 inches long and 12 inches high

Price: SOLD

IMG_0386  DSCF2041  DSCF2034


10 Responses to Paris Galibier Original Salesmans Sample

  • Neil says:

    I own 4 Paris bicycles, 2 Galibier and 2 TDF models. Am interested in Paris sales sample if it is for sale.

  • JeremyB says:

    Do you know of any other paris/Rensch bikes or frames for sale. I’m looking for a Tour de France model rather than a Galibier.

      • JeremyB says:

        Sorry for the slow reply, I thought the forum would email me a reminder and only just checked back.

        23″ would be my preferred size, are either of yours around there?

        Thanks, jeremy

        • Paul says:

          hi jeremy
          yes the one we were discussing today has the bi laminate front lugs and size is 22 1/4 center to top seat tube and 22 1/2 center to center top tube

  • Paradigmz says:

    That sound’s great if the full size one is still available is it possible for you to send pics size and cost to my email please. would really appreciate that.

    Many thanks in advance

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